OC Distant Certification Program

OCTC Certification Program

The training kit includes several training canisters of inert Zarc Spray spray, a holster and practice targets. Candidates also receive an DVD, and  audio CD to help them memorize the facts needed to pass a written exam (included in the package) which leads to certification

 A personalized certificate, card which is valid for three years. This distance learning program provides the officer with the training he needs, makes the training interesting and informative, and maximizes the use of instructors, equipment and time.

The Pepper Spray Training manual is well designed, and the accompanying DVD compares various spray patterns (stream, cone, fog) in detail and offer step-by-step instructions on proper stances, moves, distances and safety precautions, as well as how to handle subdued subjects. The result is a sort of miniencyclopedia on all things concerning the use of OC and represents a useful resource for anyone who uses any OC product.

 Usage To use the training kit, an officer first watches the video; reads the manual thoroughly; listens to the audio CD; reviews the video in detail; practices the drills; and, finally, completes a written test. The final examination must be completed no later than 90 days after the receipt of the program. A 100% score must be obtained in order to receive certification.