Zarc™ Training Course

Educational and training programs are essential for enhancing officer safety and operational capability.  It is unquestionable that well trained law enforcement professionals are the most valuable assets a department has. Department administrations cannot afford to neglect pursuing, or otherwise developing, training and educational opportunities for their officers. Likewise, officers cannot afford to avoid training and/or neglect professional development.

Zarc’s™ OCTC training program is geared toward Zarc’s™ products, it actually covers quite a bit more ground. This training program is a state-of-the-art educational tool.

The advantages of taking our course are actually very simple. You can do it yourself, on your own time. You don’t need to meet in a classroom, making it more convenient than what our competitors have to offer.

Zarc’s™ training kit includes:

  • (1) MK3 Stream Training Spray
  • (1) CAP-STUN® T-305 Training Spray
  • (1) Nylon holster for the MK3 Stream Training Spray
  • (2) Custom made holster cups for each Training Spray
  • Paper targets for Training Spray
  • (1) Training DVD
  • (1) Training manual
  • (1) Examination

*Read the manual thoroughly, take your time and make notes as needed. Review material as many times as needed. You must score a perfect 100% to become certified.*