Vexor® Key Case Stream

Our Stream Key Case is available in four colors Black, Teal, Pink, Red and Purple with the option of a quick key release so it can easily be removed from your key chain.


FIRE-HOT SPRAY: of these compact products have a potent formula. Police strength pepper Measuring at 10% 1.33 Major Capsaicinoids, Non-toxic, powerful, and fiery hot, this spray provides you with the best non-lethal protection possible.

LARGE 10-FOOT RANGE: This convenient pepper spray canister emits a thick stream that can measure up to 10 feet away, reducing wind blowback and keeping you far away from danger. Due to its powerful capabilities, this hand-held can should be kept safely out of reach of kids, either hidden or secured in a holster. This pepper spray is not available for sale in all states.