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Spray Guard 14

Flip Top Spray Guard is available in four colors Black, Teal, Pink and Purple with the option of a quick key release so it can easily be removed from your key chain.

Full Axis

One of our most popular products is our MK3 Full Axis that comes with either a belt clip or a holster. The Full Axis can fire from any direction. Even upside down! Have peace of mind from any position your attacker may have you in. It is accurate up to 15-20 feet.  Reliable and long lasting with a shelf life up to 4 years!  The MK3 Full Axis comes by itself or in a (3) or (6) pack!

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Pepper Spray and Alarm

Full Axis Capability


The VEXOR® MK3 Full Axis Stream unit is accurate up to 20-feet and includes an Flip top Trigger with a first use indicator that can fire from any direction even upside down! The MK3 Full Axis will deploy vertically downward, or from a horizontal position. It can also deploy vertically upward, or from a horizontal position