Personal Products
Professional Products

Your life, and the safety of others, depends upon the most powerful and reliable protection. So, put your trust the company that invented pepper spray: Zarc International™ In (1982), we designed Cap-Stun® for police—which rapidly became The Standard in non-lethal self-defense. Since then Zarc™ has been the leading manufacturer of sprays for any situation or perpetrator. Our VEXOR® line is among the most potent and effective pepper spray available—trusted by law enforcement agencies globally since 1988.

All along, public safety has driven us to innovate, educate and train our family, friends and customers. Now, our pro-grade pepper sprays are available to consumers for non-lethal, ultimate protection. They’re safe to use, even in close quarters like in the car, near the bed, or in a parking garage. And they’re perfectly safe to carry in your pocket or purse. Our pepper sprays come in many sizes and spray pattern types—plus we have a range of key chains, holsters, projectiles and guns to help you use them with ease. Stay safe.

All products are made in accordance with all government and industry regulations.

Zarc International, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

VEXOR Pepper Spray

VEXOR Products

Buy Vexor to:

• Thwart agressors
• Protect loved ones
• Prevent Injuries
• Deter theft
• Stay confident

VEXOR Personal gives you 'peace of mind' with:

• Fast acting protection
• Consistent, proven results
• A potent 4-year shelf life
• Reliable Safety (-40° to 150° F)
• Non-toxic formulas
• Non-flammable

VEXOR Professional is tested & used by:

• Customs & Border Patrol
• U.S. Marshalls
• The FBI & U.S. Courts
• Dept. of Homeland Security
• U.S. Secret Service
• Branches of U.S. Military

Happy and SAFE Customer

I lived off campus in a house with 4 other girls and one day I was the only one there and just laying in my room half asleep. I was woke up by a strange noise, like a screach and then a little banging. I stayed in bed and heard more noise. So, I took a can of Zarc pepper spray that my dad gave me and went slowly downstairs. I saw a large man halfway thru my kitchen window coming in after a laptop that was on the table, I emptied the whole can on him and called 911. When the police arrived he was still there curled up on the floor rubbing his eyes yelling he could not see. I'll never leave the house without a can of your pepper spray, thank you Zarc!

- Danielle, 2018

Practice Canisters

Learn to Respond – NOT React!

Safe for Practice – No Pepper Irritant

Our practice canisters feature the exact same deployment style and firing mechanism as real pepper spray canisters but without the burn. They are designed to help you gain muscle memory and confidence should you encounter a high-stress or emergency situation.

Don’t Wait for an Emergency – Practice for That Split-Second Advantage

Training Video

  • Our training video and practice canisters are intended to help you safely use our products in dangerous situations
  • Become familiar and gain confidence by discovering the speed, distance and trajectory of the spray ‘before’ you need to use it.

News and Announcements!

Our New personal protection flip top pepper...


Our New personal protection flip top pepper...