Vexor Outdoorsman Pepper Spray 9.2 oz , 25-30 Foot Range for Ultimate Protection

If you’re an outdoorsman or like spending time in nature, then you know how important it is to be prepared. Animals like bears, big cats, and coyotes are among a few of the possible threats one might face when camping or exploring. With this Vexor Pepper Spray, you can easily bolster your self-defense capabilities without inconvenience or undue danger to yourself or others. Vexor Self Defense Pepper Spray 9.2 Ounce Outdoorsman Ultra Guard Zarc's formula, deploying a tight fog pattern up to 30 feet in distance. This is a perfect unit for the outdoors: hiking, biking, climbing, camping, hunting, fishing, boating, RV traveling or anything else outdoor related! Like bear sprays, pepper spray - or oleoresin capsicum (OC), is the most widely used non-lethal weapon in the world. The 100% safe VEXOR formula was developed by Zarc, the leader in pepper spray technology. With proven reliable performance, it's offered in a fast-acting, non-flammable spray. Proven to keep you safe – wherever you are! Zarc Pepper Spray products penetrate through contacts and glasses, causing excessive tearing, plus involuntary or complete closure of the eyes - due to inflammation of mucous membranes. We are driven to effectively arm consumers and restore the image of self-defense products as reliable, effective, and safe. Be safe. Be prepared. Carry VEXOR!

About this item

  • Large 9. 2 OUNCE CAN: This large but convenient size canister of extra strength pepper spray bottle is ideal for keeping in your home, office, camping rv, or boat for quick and effective protection
      • Long 25-30-foot range: This pepper spray canister can emit sprays that can measure up to 25 feet away to keep you at safe distances
          • Reliable and Long Lasting: up to 4-year shelf life, backed by our in-house high-performance liquid chromatography laboratory (HPLC) Made in the USA by Zarc International in a certified ISO 2001:2015 quality controlled facility to guarantee reliability
          • Quick and Easier to Use: Finger Grip that that makes it easy to hold on too and with a Safety pin with Lanyard to prevent accidental discharges. Simply pull the safety pin and press down on the firing button for fast, easy, non-lethal protection
          • Best Protection you can buy: This Vexor Pepper Spray is among the best pepper spray products on the market. Whether you are out walking your dogs, getting into your car, or hiking in the canyon, you can always have a protective edge. when you carry portable Vexor Pepper Spray.

          VEXOR® Self-defense Products are non flammable and enviromently safe, and have a 4-year shelf life.