VEXOR® MK4 Flip-Top Foam (1.45%)

VEXOR® MK4 Flip-Top Foam (1.45%)

SKU: V-9145-4FTF-85
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OC Strength: 1.45
Can Size: MK4
Spray Pattern: Foam
Key Release: No
Pack Qty: 1 Pack

Flip Top Safety

This pepper spray canister is equipped with a flip top lid to protect against accidental discharges.

1.45% MC

Major Capsacinoids: is 1.45%

Foam Spray Pattern

This unit uses a foam spray pattern.

Can Size: MK4
Net Weight: 1.8 oz (51 g)
Non-Flammable/ EID Safe
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
All products are HPLC tested and verified.

The VEXOR MK4 Foam unit is accurate up to 15-feet and includes a Flip-Top Trigger with a first use indicator. This unit includes capsaicin content of 1.45% Major Capsaicinoids. (MC) This product is also available as a VEXOR Inert training spray, which fire just like our active sprays, but are designed specifically for training and doesn't include capsaicin.

When sprayed at an attacker, the foam will coat their face, rendering them completely incapacitated.

Our Foam units are recommended for indoor use.

WARNING: Susceptible to wind blowback. If using outside, ALWAYS spray with wind to your back to avoid the spray blowing back in your face.

Other VEXOR formula strengths are available in formulations ranging from 0.18 to 1.45% MC.

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