Capstun Pepper Spray: Background

CAP-STUN® founded Oleoresin Capsicum weapon technology in 1982. The success and recognition of CAP-STUN® by law-enforcement and its increasing demand created the pepper aerosol market. CAP-STUN ‘s technology is a unique compound and dispersion method currently in an aerosol form used by police and military to incapacitate unruly subject(s). CAP-STUN® is comprised of Capsaicinoids ingredients. (Capsaicinoids are active ingredients within species of capsicum peppers (chili), which properly manipulated can become a potent medium to disable the target.)CAP-STUN® has clearly demonstrated its remarkable ability to instantly render aggressors incapable of resisting arrest or further violence for up to 45 minutes – with no harmful after-effects. CAP-STUN® has proven that it stops the toughest attackers – even those who are emotionally disturbed or violent due to alcohol or drugs. In contrast, tear-gases available to law enforcement such as CN (chloroacetophenone chemical used in brand name Mace) and CS (ortho-chlorobenzalmalononitrile), are lacrimatory agents that simply produce tearing of the eyes and irritation of the skin. It has also been proven that tear-gases cannot control individuals who are highly agitated or those under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. Unlike CN and CS, CAP-STUN® is an inflammatory agent that causes mucous membranes to swell, producing an immediate closing of the eyes and uncontrollable coughing. These physiological effects precludes any further aggressive behavior, resulting in an immediate compliant subject. (See chart below for a quick comparison between CAP-STUN® and Tear-Gases.)The unique formulation and unmatched high performance record have been invaluable assets to law enforcement and military. Many incidents that previously would have led to violence have been prevented by the use of CAP-STUN® with a resulting decrease in injuries to subjects and officers and a reduction in civil litigation.

CAP-STUN® has a documented 95% effective rate, due to its unmatched Capsaicinoids content and dispersion technology. This is in drastic contrast to "civilian" pepper sprays with a 58% effective rate and numerous failures with documented injuries to subject and police officers.

CAP-STUN® has been labeled by law enforcement agencies, as one of the most important developments in law enforcement in years. Testament to the ZARC’s superior and reliable technology is that CAP-STUN® in fact has become the government standard with the US Department of Defense and federal customers including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), and the U.S. Park Police.

Due to its efficacy, CAP-STUN® is the only non-lethal weapon that has received a National Stock Number (NSN) from US Department of Defense. CAP-STUN® safety and performance has been approved by the United States Non-Nuclear Munitions Safety Board and the Bio-Environmental Agency.

The Company’s competitive advantage, and what has led the Pentagon and other U.S. federal agencies to choose CAP-STUN , is ZARC’s proprietary OC formula in combination with its reliable dispersion system. ZARC’s specially prepared blend of ingredients, based on an all-natural, five-blend Capsaicinoids formula is many times more powerful and reliable than other products. This is the result of superior OC ingredients and enormous care taken during the preparation of the blend. The strength of ZARC’s formula, 0.92% Capsaicinoids pepper spray, enables users to incapacitate nearly all subjects - even those in highly agitated states, having mental disorders, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. CAP-STUN has been judged 95% effective according to the Pentagon’s own study (the "Dugway Report") whereas competitors’ products have been reported to be 60% effective or less.

Law enforcement and military have come to rely on CAP-STUN potency because, among other reasons, CAP-STUN :
  • Provides instantaneous control over highly aggressive, violent or emotionally disturbed subjects; subdues those under the influence of narcotics or alcohol; supplies effective reaction to barricade situations; functions effectively in crowd control situations in which officers need to disperse or subdue a mob; effectively restrains and controls single or multiple subjects; minimizes physical contact reducing injury and other risks for both officers and subjects;
  • effectively reduces or eliminates the need to escalate to physical, intermediate or lethal force; and reduces incidents of law enforcement officers being shot with their own weapons.
  • effectively reduces or eliminates the need to escalate to physical, intermediate or lethal force; and reduces incidents of law enforcement officers being shot with their own weapons.