College can be one of the most exciting, inspiring, and transformative times in your life. You figure out who you are as a person. You find out what your passion is and how you can use that passion to turn it into a career that makes you happy. However, while your experiences at college can be fun, wholesome and something you will never forget, college can also be just as dangerous. Crimes ranging anywhere from theft, stalking, violence, sexual assault and rape on and off campus can make you feel anxious and unsafe. Choose Zarc™ and our VEXOR® pepper spray so we can give you peace of mind and ensure your safety is in the best hands.

College Life

Key Guard Pepper Spray
Key Guard

Traditional Key Guards connect to your key ring so it is always where you need it to be.

Pocket Guard Link
Pocket Guard

Pocket Guard pepper sprays give you the extra distance, and spray bursts in a convenient size.  

Personal Alarms

Personal alarms give you option for creating a loud noise when you need to get attention.

When you are away at college, take protection with you. Zarc’s™ compact and easy to use  VEXOR®  pepper sprays will give you comfort knowing that you are in safe hands! The compact size of this powerful, police-strength pepper spray allows you to easily stash it in: your purse, backpack or pocket. Whether you are in your dorm, walking on campus, at the gym or out for the night,  you can always have a protective edge when you carry VEXOR® Pepper Spray.

Key Guards are available in a variety of styles and colors from twist lock top to our new flip top. 

Full Axis Technology

VEXOR® Full Axis Technology

Full Axis Pepper Sprays Unlike most pepper sprays this versatile canister can be fired at any angle, even upside down. It has a handy optional holster or Clip making it easy to attach to a belt or purse and easy to reach . With its FIRE-HOT formula contains 1.33% capsaicin (OC) which is the same used by many law enforcement The spray shoots a stream up to 20 feet away and has over 20 bursts per unit.  

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