Home Defence

Zarc™ offers many products for many situations whether you want to: protect yourself or your loved ones, want to make sure that you’re safe when you’re on the go, a college student wanting to stay safe on campus, a woman that wants to stop unwanted advances from aggressors, whatever it may be - we’re here to help you! No matter what you’re doing, you, have the assurance of the creators of the original pepper spray and the #1 brand trusted by law enforcement and consumers worldwide on YOUR side! Have peace of mind knowing that YOU have the power of our police strength spray is in YOUR hands!

Home Safety Products

Ultra Guard Units

Zarc Extra Large Home Protection units are good for at home or in your Motor Home.  The Ultra Magnum home defense Units are available in Gel

Personal Mega Guard
Mega Guard Units

These Large units are large enough to use at home or take with you. These are available in Stream, Fog and Gel spray patterns

Safety Tips

  • Equip all your exterior doors with a one inch dead-bolt or drop-bolt lock. The lock should also have a highly pick-resistant cylinder protected by a guard plate. Change existing locks if you've just moved into a home.
  • Install a door peephole, or an intercom system, or closed circuit camera system to identify visitors before opening the door. The peephole should be of the wide-angle type which gives a fuller view of the outside area.
  • Exterior doors should be of the "solid core" type, which provides a stronger barrier against break-in.
  • Do not open door until you are sure of the identity of your visitor.
  • Always double lock door when leaving, even to put out trash, pick up mail or walk the dog. Keep all doors locked at night.
  • Secure windows and sliding glass doors by drilling a small hole at a downward angle through the interior frame and partially into the exterior frame. Slide a bolt or nail into the hole to prevent the window/door from being opened. You can also equip windows with a lock that cannot be defeated from the outside.
  • Trim shrubs around windows and doors that could conceal a burglar.
  • Install exterior lighting or motion sensor lighting to illuminate dark or hidden entry ways.
  • Consider installing yard fencing to limit unauthorized entry.
  • Install a home alarm system, purchased and installed by a nationwide reputable company. The system should include door and window contacts, motion sensors and glass break sensors.
  • Do not leave house-key under mat, in mailbox or in any other area near door. If you lose your keys or they are stolen, replace lock cylinders immediately.
  • Don't volunteer any information to unknown callers on the telephone. Don't give out your home phone number to wrong number callers. Instruct young children not to give out information over the phone to unfamiliar callers.
  • Give careful consideration to requests to photograph your home.
  • If on returning you find a door open or tampered with, do not enter. Leave immediately and notify police.
  • If awakened at night by an intruder, lie still, try not to panic, and at first opportunity call the police.