Key Guard units offered by Zarc™ are compact units that easily attach to a key ring your pepper spray unit is always with you..  There are units with a flip-top safety and twist top safety.  There are many color options for the Key Guard Pepper Sprays also there are option where you need a quick key release to remove your keys easily from the key chain.  Shop the units below and select the color and option you like

Key Guard Pepper Sprays 

Flip Top Units


 This pepper spray canister is equipped with a flip top lid that eliminates firing difficulties while still preventing accidental discharges or discharges making this pepper spray FASTER and EASIER to use and deploy. The case features an ergonomic grip FINGER GRIP for added aiming stability and precision. 

Twist Top Units

VEXOR® Hardcase Pepper Spray units include a ½ ounce canister  VEXOR® Hardcase Pepper Spray is perfect for your car keys, outwear pocket, or purse, and is available in a variety of colors: Black, Red, Purple, and Pink. Click below to see which VEXOR® Hardcase Pepper Spray unit best fit your needs!