Zarc international the original pepper spray manufacture of CapStun Pepper Spray began in 1982 . Other pepper spray manufactures included Sabre, Mace, Fox, Defense Technology.

Zarc International, Inc.™ is the leading manufacturer of pepper sprays for law enforcement as well as consumers. For nearly 40 years, Zarc™ has been the leading provider of pepper spray for law enforcement plus the military—in the U.S. and worldwide. Since 1982, our leading brands have included VEXOR® and CAP-STUN®
We offer a diverse range of pepper sprays for purchase online. We also offer other innovative products including projectiles, guns, key-chains and holsters.

Zarc™ is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility

Zarc™ also offers advanced training for law enforcement, corrections, U.S. Military and now consumers. We have supplied many Federal and State agencies with duty products plus advanced crowd and correction products. See our Law Enforcement and Correction Products for details.

Consumers who need safe and effective self-defense can view our personal pepper spray products. Our self-defense pepper spray, including VEXOR® and CAP-STUN® deliver the same, consistent quality that our professional partners have come to know.