We protect those who keeps us all safe.

At Zarc™ we have great respect for our men and women in blue. And we thank you for your service. We're proud our pepper sprays have been used an trusted by Police and Law Enforcement agencies worldwide since 1982. We actually invented CAP-STUN® to empower officers with a potent, yet non-lethal way to stop criminals in their tracks for efficient apprehension.  

For 40 years, our pursuit of innovation has never waned. In the past decade alone, our  VEXOR® product line has become the go-to pepper spray for the professional market. And for good reason! VEXOR® is one of the most potent and effective sprays on Earth. Combine that with rigorous safety measures, advanced product training and an adherence to regulations and you get stellar results. Time and time again.     

All of our products are made from powerful, yet natural substances-and they're completely safe to use. We use the highest legal amount of capsaicin, an active component of chili peppers. Both VEXOR® and CAP-STUN® are tested by an independent third party, and are proven to be potent as well as safe and non-toxic. No wonder so many Police departments and Homeland Security call on Zarc™ for their protection out in the field.

Professional Police

Vexor Professional

VEXOR® Professional Pepper Sprays

All VEXOR® products are fully compliant with the law and contain ranges of capsaicin from 0.18% to 1.45%. We offer many spray patterns and dispersions methods for any situation—from Fog and Foam to Stream and Gel. For extreme tactical scenarios, Full Axis is a fine stream canister you can spray from any direction—even upside down. Which VEXOR® is right for your department?

Products: VEXOR® Undercover, MK2, MK3, MK4, MK6, MK9, MK9x MK15

Capstun Professional Pepper Spray

CAP-STUN Professional Pepper Sprays

Zarc™ pioneered the pepper spray industry by developing CAP-STUN® in in 1982. This breakthrough product with oleoresin capsicum was rapidly recognized by law enforcement agencies across the US. Demand for CAP-STUN® swelled like the eyes of a thug resisting arrest—and the aerosol weapons market was born. Which product fits the needs of your department?

Products: CAP-STUN® Z-205, Z-305, Z-505, T-305

Duty Gear

Accessories & Gear

When your life is on the line, it’s critical that you be armed with dependable, effective pepper spray. It’s just as vital to have easy and convenient access to your canister, too. So, we also supply high-quality holsters for easy access. Choose from sturdy nylon or strong, dependable leather. Add a dependable insert cup to your holster, and you’ve got a foolproof system for defense and apprehension.

Training Sprays

Training Sprays and Training Course (OCTC)

Zarc™ training courses have been used by law enforcement pros for 30+ years. Our training canisters are safe for practice since they contain no pepper irritants. Both VEXOR® and CAP-STUN® canisters have the same firing mechanism and spray deployment as our real pepper spray canisters. You’ll receive a video to demonstrate proper use. Plus, accompanying targets help you assess progress. Gain confidence and experience now.

First Aid

Pepper Spray First Aid Wipes

In the line of duty, you may get remnants of pepper spray on your skin or in your eyes. Our First Aid Wipes contain rubbing alcohol blended with milk protein to alleviate the burning sensation of our various sprays while cleansing contaminated areas. Keep several on hand at all times…just in case. Get an extra measure of protection today.