A new breakthrough pepper spray that can fire from any position — even upside down, unlike other models which don’t perform on their side. Now officers can perform with greater safety — and stop aggression from any angle — with a constant and potent OC stream.



A prisoner just snapped. You must rapidly control him and prevent chaos. But lethal force is a liability. And hand units aren’t effective from a distance or in crowds. So we developed VEXOR Projectiles: potent pepper spray balls that stop defiant inmates with less-lethal force. Now you can maintain order from a safe distance. Plus, Projectiles have a low cost and related risk to help maximize your budget.


Zarc™ is the leading manufacturer of pepper sprays including the brands Vexor® & CapStun®

Zarc™ offers the most diverse range of pepper spray products online. We offer pepper sprays for personal and professional use including pepper spray key-chains, pepper spray holsters, pepper spray projectiles, & pepper spray guns. For nearly twenty-five years, Zarc™ has been the leading provider of pepper spray products for law enforcement and military consumers in worldwide.
Zarc™ offers advanced pepper spray and training. For information on pepper spray laws visit our information page. We maintain precise quality control of our pepper spray products - from formulation to distribution. Consumers who need safe and effective self-defense products can view our line of Vexor® self-defense products and leverage the same consistent quality that our professional partners have come to know.