Factors to consider when purchasing Pepper Spray

March 2, 2020 by
Factors to consider when purchasing Pepper Spray
Zarc International, Inc., Alex Froelich

Trusted Protection:

VEXOR® is remarkably effective because it uses the highest concentration of Capsaicinoids and is trusted by police worldwide! Our consumer brands are economical and easy to carry. A small can of pepper spray could save your life if you become a target of attack. It truly can offer you peace of mind.

Zarc International, Inc™ recommend that consumers carry our VEXOR® Spray Guard, which uses a unique flip-top design that is FASTER and EASIER to deploy than our competitors. With the ease of lining up the target with our FINGER GRIP technology, you will always have peace of mind of which direction you are spraying while having protection at a safe distance.


Shelf Life

Shelf life is important because the longer the product is effective the more value it has. Our VEXOR® consumer products have a shelf life of four years.


What’s in the can?

The can of pepper spray that you carry should give you the ability to stop MULTIPLE attackers. Our VEXOR® half ounce consumer canisters not only stops multiple attackers and contains 8-12 bursts with a firing distance up to ten feet away!


Anybody can use pepper spray

It doesn’t require size or strength to use


It’s legal in all 50 states (with some restrictions)

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