Training and Certification

The ZARC International OC Pepper Spray Certification Program provides invaluable knowledge to law enforcement and military personnel. Through this certification program, individuals become extensively educated on the various aspects of capsicum-based weapons, ranging from the physiological effects of pepper spray to the appropriate situations in which it should be utilized and necessary post-use procedures. This program is designed specifically for professional public security officers such as those in local, state, and federal organizations – as well as commercial institutions – that deploy pepper spray in accordance with their use of force regulations. Upon successful completion of the OC certification program, personnel are able to self-instruct other members of their respective agencies on proper pepper spray utilization methods.  This course is not designed for you to become an OC instructor to instruct outside of your agency or company.  You do not become a Zarc Instructor.

The objectives of the program are to:

  1. Identify when the use of a capsicum-based weapon may be appropriate according to the service-approved, use-of-force model.
  2. Identify the psychological and physiological effects of capsicum weapons when used on subjects. 
  3. Recognize appropriate safety procedures (e.g., transporting and restraining a subject).
  4. Identify reporting procedures concerning the use of capsicum-based weapons. 
  5. Identify safety and maintenance factors (e.g., shelf life and storage) of capsicum-based weapons.
  6. Demonstrate how to prepare a newly issued device for field use.Identify different models and the capabilities of each device. 
  7. Demonstrate proper body positioning, carrying and drawing techniques. 
  8. Demonstrate first aid and decontamination procedures to be administered to subjects exposed to capsicum-based weapons.
  9. Obtain certification from the manufacturer for successful completion of the program.

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