Things You Can Do at Home During Quarantine

March 30, 2020 by
Things You Can Do at Home During Quarantine
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The recent COVID-19 shelter order (or lockdown) depending on what state you live in, has people bored out of their minds. Staying home and staying safe during these tough times is vital to not spread or come in contact with the virus. As dull as it may be there are still plenty of things that you can do at home to keep your sanity.

 Exercise: Obviously, gyms everywhere have locked their doors. If you’re lucky enough to have your own work out equipment, now is the best time to start getting into shape. If you don’t have your own equipment, use your body as your gym. There are plenty of weight free exercises that you can do such as: push-ups and sit-ups. There are also plenty of free exercise routines that you can find on YouTube. It’s important to stay active and to keep your body healthy, especially in these challenging times.

Reading: Now is the perfect time to dive face first into a good novel – or experience new authors that you’ve always been curious about but never pulled the trigger on. When you read, you get to play images in your head as the novel progresses – it’s like your mind’s own version of watching a movie or television show but you get to slowly play out the scenes. If the author is good at what they do, you slowly become engrossed with the characters. You can treat it like you would Netflix – you can start a book series. A lot of authors have sequels to their original novels. It’s starting to get warm out, so go out on your porch – set up your hammock if you have one and dive right into a good book!

Meet up Virtually with Friends, Family and Dates Not being able to physically see friends and family during quarantine has been heartbreaking however, we still have options that will to keep in touch with them. You can video chat to catch up. Or, you could even do fun things with them virtually such as have dinner or watch Netflix or a movie together. Moreover, this works the same way with your significant other – or if you’re single, the person that you’re talking to on dating apps.

Go For a Drive There’s really not a whole lot to do day to day while being quarantined to the confines of your home. Give your mind a break, jump in your car and drive with no destination in mind. Play your favorite music or podcast or roll the windows down and listen to the outside sounds as you drive.

Catch up on your favorite movies and TV shows: There’s no better time to ‘Netflix and Quarantine’ than right now. This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some of your favorite shows – or even binge watch shows that you grew up on and haven’t seen in a while.

Write: If you’re having a hard time dealing with everything that’s happening and are feeling worried or anxious, you can reflect by journaling your feelings. Don’t keep it negative, though. You can also reflect on the positive things that have happened to you this year.

Start listening to Podcasts: There are a variety of different podcasts out there that you can relate to. To our brain, listening can be the same as reading. The comprehension is very similar and you’re adding an abundance of knowledge. It also makes multitasking easier. For example: It’s better to do laundry or dishes while listening to a podcast. We can all agree that doing laundry and washing dishes is extremely tedious – so why not zone out to a good podcast while doing these tedious tasks?

Stream or Watch Live Music: Bring your favorite bands to your living room. You can find pretty much any live show that bands have done in the past on YouTube and some are even doing live performances during this pandemic for you to stream.

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