Zarc International, Inc.™ & COVID-19

March 16, 2020 by
Zarc International, Inc.™ & COVID-19
Zarc International, Inc., Alex Froelich

Due to the worldwide pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) people everywhere have been introduced to a new way of livelihood. Living rooms have now turned into work offices and schools. Restaurants have been limited to delivery and drive thru services. Professional and college sports have all been postponed indefinitely. Malls, beaches, churches, movie theaters and bars have been forced to shutdown. Welcome to 2020.

But what about those whose responsibilities are to protect us and help prevent the Coronavirus from spreading further? Military personnel are being called back into service. Law enforcement departments around the country are continuing to rigorously do their job and police the community. Customs and border protection are beefing up their staff and protocol. All of these government agencies are essential to protecting the world from this crazy pandemic – and Zarc International, Inc.™ wants to help them.

FOR OVER 38 YEARS Zarc™ has been the Leading Manufacturer of Pepper Sprays, including the brands Vexor® and Cap-Stun®. Zarc™ invented the very first pepper spray – CAP-STUN© – just for law enforcement in 1982. Our mission is to keep those that keep us safe – protected.
Our Vexor® line of pepper spray is among the most effective and potent pepper spray products and has been trusted by police and law enforcement agencies worldwide since 1988. Since then, innovation has been our driving force, in tandem with safety, regulation and training. 

We want to work diligently during this heartbreaking crisis to get these self-defense products out to our prominent government agencies so they can continue to keep us safe and stay safe while doing so. Visit or call 309-807-2565.

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