VEXOR® 2 oz. Pocket Guard Stream with Nylon Hol...

VEXOR® 2 oz. Pocket Guard Stream with Nylon Holster

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OC Strength: 1.33
Can Size: PocketGuard
Spray Pattern: Stream
Pack Qty: 1 Pack

This pepper spray features our VEXOR Full Axis Stream Technology for 360-degree coverage. Unlike most pepper sprays, this versatile canister can be fired at any angle, even upside down! These products are available in Gel or Stream Deployments, with an optional Leather or Nylon Holster or a Clip, making it easy to attach to a belt or purse for convenient carry. Our Pocket Guard also boasts the same pepper (OC) used by many law enforcement officials. The spray shoots up to 20 feet away and depending on the selected unit, has over 20 bursts, with a Shelf-life of up to 4 years. The compact small size of this powerful, police-strength pepper spray allows you to easily stash it in a purse, briefcase, backpack or pocket.

FULL AXIS (360 degree) These canisters are equipped with our full axis technology that fires from any angle, even upside down. With a flip top safety, you simply flip the top of the lid and press down for easy, non-lethal, 360-degree protection.

HOLSTER: Includes nylon holster with belt loop so you can fasten to a belt.

GEL OR STREAM DEPLOYMENTS:  These canisters are available in Gel or Stream deployment patterns.

FIRE-HOT SPRAY: Each of these mini cans have a potent 4-year shelf life, making it a great addition to your self-defense kit. This powerful, non-toxic spray is fiery hot -  to provide you with the best non-lethal protection possible. Our formula can even affect those wearing glasses and contacts, causing eye and respiratory irritation that can last up to 30 minutes.

LARGE 20-FOOT RANGE: These canisters can deploy product that can measure up to 20 feet away from the can itself. Due to its powerful capabilities, this hand-held can should be kept safe. out of reach of kids, either hidden or secured in the holster.

BEST PROTECTION YOU CAN BUY: This VEXOR Pepper Spray is among the best repellent tools and products on the market. With nearly 40 years of manufacturing pepper sprays for US State and Federal Law enforcement, you get the same quality as our Police and Military customers. The power of VEXOR is in your hands!

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