Pepper Spray Laws

Is Pepper Spray Legal In WISCONSIN?

Pepper spray in is Legal.

Legal w/ restrictions. Tear gas is not permissible. A "device or container that contains a combination of oleoresin of capsicum and inert ingredients" is permissible. By regulation, OC products with a maximum OC concentration of 10% and weight range of oleoresin of capsicum and inert ingredients of 15-60 grams is authorized. This is 1/2 oz. and 2 oz. sprays. Further, the product can not be camouflaged, and must have a safety feature designed to prevent accidental discharge. The units may not have an effective range of over 20 feet and must have an effective range of six feet. In addition there are certain labeling and packaging requirements: must state cannot sell to anyone under 18 and the phone number of the manufacturer has to be on the label. The units must also be sold in sealed tamper-proof packages. Wisconsin Statutes Section 941.26 and Justice Regulations 14.01 et seq.

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